Optimizing Nitrogen use in food and energy production & minimizing the consequent harm to humans and the environment

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N activities & opportunities

African Nitrogen Center conducting Rapid Nitrogen Assessment

The workshop on Impact of Nitogen on African agriculture and environment is planned for January 2011, in Nairobi, Kenya.

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European Nitrogen Assessment (ENA) was publiced in 2011

The European INI center has finalized the ENA. learn about ENA >

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Global Change Assessment to Incorporate North American N Assessment

A two-stage plan was developed at the Colorado, USA workshop in May 2010.

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N research and management in Latin America

A preliminary assessment has been performed in the Piracicaba River basin, and the methodology may be extended.

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N2010 Conference In New Delhi, India 3-7 Dec 2010

The South Asian Nitrogen Center is organizing N2010 conference events and products.

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East Asian Regional Nitrogen Assessment Continues

A collaboration between East and South Asia Centers began at Nanking, China in 2009 and continue through 2011.

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