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Fertilisers leaking huge amount of nitrogen into soil and water in India

An Article in 'nature India' report findings from "The Indian Nitrogen Assessment"Nature

The article notes that "a mammoth exercise in quantifying 'reactive nitrogen' in the environment has found that 65% of the nitrogen used in India as fertilisers may be getting leaked into soil, water and other natural resources, thereby significantly contributing to the country's greenhouse gas burden."

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India global hot spot for nitrogen pollution, say experts

An article in Nature India has reported on the Nitrogen Session at the World Environment Day 2018 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, on June 4.

They note that "India is emerging as a ‘global hot spot’ for nitrogen pollution – a looming threat to its environment – owing to increased dependence on nitrogen fertilisers and notoriously low nitrogen uptake by crops resulting in its leakage into the soil."

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INMS workshop for the Regional Demonstration of South Asia: Maldives 12th-14th September 2017

An INMS workshop for the Regional Demonstration in South Asia entitled “Capacity Development for the National Authorities to Formulate Nitrogen Management Policy and its Implementation at National and Regional level in South Asia” was held at Male, Republic of Maldives, on the 12th-14th September, 2017.

Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen in South Asia

In South Asia, significant progress in atmospheric deposition research has been achieved, steered by two major International programmes; The Composition of Atmospheric Aerosols and Precipitation (CAAP) and Composition of Atmospheric Deposition (CAD). Whilst there is currently no network set up to measure atmospheric deposition in South Asia, research of atmospheric deposition in the region has recently become a part of the South Asian Nitrogen Centre's mandate.

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