INI is seeking applications for the roles of INI Chair and Regional Directors for EU, South and East Asia

Opening: Chair INI

In view of the completion of the term-of-office of the current Chair in June 2022, INI is seeking an eligible person to lead its activities over the following 3 years. They shall be exceptional scientists in relevant field(s) with broad interests in various aspects of reactive nitrogen science, including research, application, policy and networking.

David Kanter

David's research examines the interconnected challenges of nitrogen pollution, food security and sustainable development, with a particular focus on: 1) the scientific, socioeconomic and legal dimensions of returning to a safe planetary boundary for nitrogen; and 2) balancing the multiple, and often competing objectives of sustainable agriculture – from environmental protection to human wellbeing. David uses an interdisciplinary set of research methods to investigate these issues, from Earth Systems and economic time series modeling, to expert elicitation and legal analysis.

Australia hosts 'International symposium' on environmental outcomes of intensive livestock farming

An international symposium on improving environmental outcomes for intensive animal industries was held at Agriculture Victoria’s AgriBio Centre for AgriBioscience, Australia (3rd to 4th of December 2018). The event brought together world-leading experts in the environmental management of intensive animal industries. Discussions held during the symposium included the Changing nature of international animal production systems, Nutrient balances, use efficiencies and water quality' and Policy instruments and regulations.

Nandula Raghuram

A modern biologist by training, Prof. N. Raghuram’s main research interest is in understanding the functional biology of nitrogen response, as well as the phenotype and genotype for improving nitrogen use efficiency in rice. He also works on plant G-protein signaling and its role in nutrient and stress responses in Arabidopsis and rice, apart from molecular characterization of N-response in the cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis. More recently, he led the Indo-UK virtual Nitrogen Centre in India and is currently part of the GCRF South Asia N Hub led by Mark Sutton from CEH (UK).

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