A comprehensive approach to nitrogen in the UK

Nitrogen is one of the most abundant elements on the planet and a foundational building block of life. But while nitrogen is essential, too much nitrogen is problematic. This report was commissioned by WWF-UK to identify nitrogen losses to the environment and their impacts, and describe key interventions and approaches to tackle the problem. It forms part of the supporting evidence for WWF’s Land of Plenty Initiative.

INI is seeking applications for the roles of INI Chair and Regional Directors for EU, South and East Asia

Opening: Chair INI

In view of the completion of the term-of-office of the current Chair in June 2022, INI is seeking an eligible person to lead its activities over the following 3 years. They shall be exceptional scientists in relevant field(s) with broad interests in various aspects of reactive nitrogen science, including research, application, policy and networking.

Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Nitrogen in the UK

WWF is developing its advocacy to reduce the impacts of (reactive) nitrogen overuse, focussing on what the UK can do to reduce impacts domestically and through its food supply chains. They are calling on the UK Government to produce a comprehensive approach and delivery strategy, including budgets and reduction targets, as part of its commitments to meet net zero, reduce pollution and improve human health and nutrition.


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