Play the Game - NitroSmash

The EU funded NitroPortugal project has developed a unique educational mobile phone app called NitroSmash in order to raise the issue of Nitrogen in the environment.

This is a smasher/arcade game where the main goal is to stop Ammonia and Nitrous Oxide molecules from reaching the atmosphere.

Losses of Ammonia and Nitrate from Agriculture and Their Effect on Nitrogen Recovery in the European Union and the United States between 1900 and 2050

Historical trends and levels of nitrogen (N) budgets and emissions to air and water in the European Union and the United States are markedly different. Agro-environmental policy approaches also differ, with emphasis on voluntary or incentive-based schemes in the United States versus a more regulatory approach in the European Union. This paper explores the implications of these differences for attaining long-term policy targets for air and water quality.


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