Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Nitrogen in the UK

WWF are tendering for a contract to scope out their potential nitrogen work.

WWF is developing its advocacy to reduce the impacts of (reactive) nitrogen overuse, focussing on what the UK can do to reduce impacts domestically and through its food supply chains. They are calling on the UK Government to produce a comprehensive approach and delivery strategy, including budgets and reduction targets, as part of its commitments to meet net zero, reduce pollution and improve human health and nutrition. There is the potential for action spanning across lifestyle and dietary change to on-farm technologies that have multiple benefits on climate, nature and people, led by regulation and supported by advice and investment.

They are seeking an experienced consultant to help scope out the priorities and key interventions for this strategy in a UK and devolved context, in order to help WWF advocate for an integrated approach that will make most impact over the coming decade. This will support their strategic objectives to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and just global food and agriculture system and avert dangerous climate change for people and nature.

This report is the first of two studies to be commissioned by WWF on tackling nitrogen emissions in the UK - a second study focussing on farm-level interventions will be released for tender in due course.

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