Australia hosts 'International symposium' on environmental outcomes of intensive livestock farming

An international symposium on improving environmental outcomes for intensive animal industries was held at Agriculture Victoria’s AgriBio Centre for AgriBioscience, Australia (3rd to 4th of December 2018). The event brought together world-leading experts in the environmental management of intensive animal industries. Discussions held during the symposium included the Changing nature of international animal production systems, Nutrient balances, use efficiencies and water quality' and Policy instruments and regulations. A video highlighting aspects of the symposium is attached. 

Following this meeting a 3-day International Nitrogen Management Systems (INMS) workshop was held at the Agriculture Victoria Ellinbank Dairy Research Institute, West Gippsland, Victoria (5th to 7th of December 2018). Workshop activities focussed on international harmonization of relevant whole-farm and within farm N balance and indicator approaches to improve the sustainable intensification of dairy systems. Specifically, the international project team worked towards INMS Project 1.1.2. project deliverables: namely a draft version of the guidelines document and selection of international case studies. Nominated team members lead discussions in specific theme areas which aligned with the structure of the guidance document.  Other activities included commercial dairy farm visits, and a tour of the AVR Ellinbank research facilities. The project team will meet again in China in September 2019.