East Asia

Overview of the Centre

The INI Centre for East Asia, established in early 2004, is one of five globally distributed centers of the INI, and represents China, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. The INI Centre for East Asia is charged with the assessment of nitrogen flows and budgets within the region, and to determine the environmental, human health, and economic consequences of alterations to the nitrogen cycle within East Asia. The Centre plays a key role in helping to develop solutions to improve sustainable nitrogen use within the region.

Goals of the Centre

  • Improve assessments and access to data on N flows and loss pathways across sectors in East Asia.
  • Develop a system for describing nitrogen use performance indicators, in co-operation with global assessments.
  • Provide appropriate methods and parameters to assess nitrogen flows and budgets for each country of East Asia, and contribute to scenario development in corporation with global analysis.
  • Communicate our current understanding on the problems and solutions of nitrogen use in the environment, to educate the public and support policy makers to develop relevant policies.


The Centre will work collaboratively with other institutions and organizations whenever appropriate and will coordinate closely with other INI Regional Centre’s to promote comprehensive analysis of problems associated with too much and too little nitrogen in various parts of the world.