Susanne Schmidt


INI Oceania Centre Deputy Director


School of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Queensland


John Hines building (62), Room 329, University of Queensland St Lucia campus, QLD 4072, Australia


She is a biologist who specialises in nitrogen in natural ecosystems and agro-ecosystems at the interface of plants, microbes and soil. She has over 126 journal articles, 7 book chapters apart from 36 conference papers and a patent. Her current and past research projects include:

Environmentally responsive bio-composite fertilisers (CI Bronwyn Laycock, Advance QLD Industry Partnership)
Ultrahigh-resolution remote sensing for assessing biodiversity hotspots (CI Arko Lucieer, ARC DP)
Effective microbial biostimulants in horticulture (with Phil Hugenholtz, Neena Mitter, Paul Dennis, Elizabeth Aitken)
New technologies and managements: transforming nitrogen use efficiency in cane production. (CI Matt Redding QLD DAF)
Recycled phosphorus from waste streams as efficient P sources for agriculture (with German collaborators, DAAD)
NextGen fertilisers and nutrient stewardship - repurposing and efficiently formulating nutrient-rich wastes
License to farm - nitrogen use efficiency sugarcane (CIs Prakash Lakshmanan and Nicole Robinson)
Developing sugarcane-legume companion cropping systems (Schmidt, Robinson, Ferguson, others)
Spinifex desert grass - ecophysiology, nano-cellulose for novel biomaterials(PhD student Lisa Xian, CI Darren Martin)
Soil carbon sequestration - the role of soil microbesi n tropical reforestation (Mark Bonner)
Nitrogen use efficiency in sorghum (PhD student Belinda Worland)
Beneficial microbes to enhance future crop systems (PhD student Shelby Berg)
Understanding soil carbon sequestration with soil chronosequences (PhD student Andrew Jones)
Organic nitrogen in sugarcane systems (PhD student Scott Buckley)
Advancing Livestock Waste as Low Emission-High Efficiency Fertilizers (CI Dr Matt Redding QLD DAF)
Ecogenomic profiling of Queensland sugarcane soils for sustainable bioproduction and carbon capture (CI Ragan, Hugenholtz, Schmidt)
Functional response of Triodia in the spinifex grasslands of arid Australia (Schmidt, PhD student Xian)
Towards sustainable bioproduction systems: harnessing organic nitrogen for plant growth (Schmidt, Paungfoo-Lonhienne, Rentsch, Naesholm)
Harnessing Soil Biology (Schmidt, Schenk)
Climate Change Adaptation - Rainforest Biodiversity & Climate Change