Nitrogen Related Conferences

Nitrogen related conferences and workshops

The following page provides information on a number of nitrogen related conferences and workshops attended or co-organised by members of International Nitrogen Initiative, with links to key documents that have accompanied them.


The joint workshop of the Nitrogen in Europe (NinE) and BEGIN programmes, 2009, Barsac, France.

The Barsac Declaration

This workshop involved experts from the TFRN, INI, COST 729 and NitroEurope. A key output of this workshop was the Barsac Declaration, which declared a commitment to encourage the availability of reduced portion sizes of meat and animal products, compared with current standards in developed countries, for the preparation of healthy meals. To implement this committment all agree to promote the ‘demitarian’ option; defined as a meal containing half the amount of meat or fish compared with the normal local amount, combined with a correspondingly larger amount of other food products.

The Barsac Declaration can be accessed by clicking here.

The International conference on ‘Nitrogen and Global Change’, 2011, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh Declaration on Reactive Nitrogen

Also the launch of the European Nitrogen Assessement.

This conference welcomed the publication of the first European Nitrogen Assessment (ENA) which was launched to an audience of 350 representatives of science, policy, industry and nongovernmental organizations. The ENA reviews current scientific understanding on the benefits of reactive nitrogen use and the threats of nitrogen pollution in Europe and beyond, including negative impacts on human health, climate and biodiversity, water, soil and air quality, identifies the geographical areas at greatest risk of damage by nitrogen pollution, and provides options for improved nitrogen management in the future.

The European Nitrogen Assessment can be accessed by clicking here.

Delegates also agreed upon the Edinburgh Declaration on Reactive Nitrogen, which can be accessed by clicking here.