Baojing Gu


INI East Asia Centre Deputy Director


Zhejiang University, College of Environmental and Resource Sciences



Research Areas

1. Multiple dilemmas between land use, urbanization and arable land protection. This research direction attempts to understand how urbanization and agricultural development can achieve sustainability through land management by analyzing changes in population, land, resources, and environment in the process of urbanization. (future direction)

2. Driving mechanisms for land use change in surface water pollution. This research direction attempts to analyze the path and mechanism of human activities on water pollution through the correlation between material dynamic balance and land use change in the basin. (Zhejiang Outstanding Youth Fund Project, National Natural Science Foundation Project)

3. The principle of the impact of changes in the scale of agriculture on the use of agricultural resources and their environmental effects. This research direction attempts to analyze the problems of resource, environment, economy, policy and institutional design in the process of agricultural scale through big data analysis. (Chinese Academy of Engineering project, future development direction)

4. Targeted Research for improving understanding of the Global Nitrogen Cycle towards the establishment of an International Nitrogen Management System (INMS), sub-topic-Development of approaches for threat-benefit valuation. This research direction attempts to construct a set of international standards for cost-benefit Analytical systems to assess the resource and environmental effects of global and regional nitrogen cycling. (UNEP project)

5. N-CIRCLE: Virtual Joint Centre for Closed-Loop Cycling of Nitrogen in Chinese Agriculture, Sub-Reducing end-user demand for N and N excretion. This research direction attempts to understand and quantify human end-use consumption during system cycling The impact of behavior on resources and environmental effects in the process of agricultural development. (UK Newton Foundation Project)

6. Research on ammonia reduction potential and its effect evaluation in typical areas. This research direction attempts to assess the spatial and temporal patterns of ammonia emissions from China's agriculture, specific sources, effects on air pollution, and potential for emission reductions and policy assessments. (National key research and development plan project)

7. Towards sustainable reactive nitrogen management for Australian ecosystems. China-Australia's national and regional scales of active nitrogen use and its environmental effects management, this study attempts to understand the cycle of reactive nitrogen and how it is managed by comparing the differences between human and natural conditions in China and Australia. Responding to changes in human and natural factors.


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