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On the 6th of March, Prof. Mark Sutton was interviewed by BBC radio, about nitrogen use efficiency in farming systems.

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In South Asia, significant progress in atmospheric deposition research has been achieved, steered by two major International programmes; The Composition of Atmospheric Aerosols and Precipitation (C

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A report on the South Asia Nitrogen Conference organized by the South Asia Nitrogen Centre and the Indian Nitrogen Group is now available below.

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„INI Nitrogen alerts“ have been sent – if you wish to be included in future alerts, please sign up to the INI Europe address list as shown above. The complete text of the “Nitrogen alert 2/2015” is accessible here:


Nitrogen plays an important role also in current environmental policy. Details have been compiled in the Nitrogen Alert 1/2015 available here. Both Germany ( and Netherlands ( have recently published relevant policy papers / policy support papers, in their respective national languages.

Please find more details in the “INI Nitrogen alert”:


The “International Nitrogen Management System” under the auspices of UNEP and funding from GEF (the Global Environmental Facility) is entering a new phase of preparation. This is an INI activity – Mark Sutton and the CEH team are leading this on behalf of INI. Details are available from the dedicated INMS web site ( You may be interested to attend a stakeholder meeting provisionally scheduled for Lisbon, April 27-28, or a modelers’ meeting planned in Edinburgh May 5-6 (these dates are now confirmed, but please contact Clare Howard via the web site).


The proceedings of the 18th Nitrogen workshop held in Lisbon, June 30 - July 3, 2014, are now available at the INI web site for download. The 18th Nitrogen workshop has been organized with support of INI Europe.


A special issue of “Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environmenthas being published, containing 13 articles on nitrogen losses from agriculture in the Baltic Sea region. Please see the overview article authored by Per Stålnacke, Marianne Bechmann and Arvo Iital at, and the papers cited therein.