Latin America Nitrogen Center




Prof. Mercedes Bustamante
Departamento de Ecologia
Universidade de Brasília
Brasilia, Brazil

Completed Activities

  • Nitrogen Cycling Workshop

    Luiz Martinelli, together with Bob Howarth (North American regional center) ran a workshop in Ubatuba, Brazil in March 2003 that compared nitrogen cycling across the Americas. A special issue of the journal Biogeochemistry was slated to publish the proceedings of the workshop (Martinelli and Howarth, 2004).

  • Inter-American Nitrogen Network, Puerto Rico, 2004 May 23-27, 2004.

    Luiz Martinelli and Bob Howarth received financial support from the Inter-American Institute to have a workshop to develop an Inter-American Nitrogen Network. The workshop was held in Puerto Rico in May 23-27, 2004.

  • Preliminary assessment of N impacts in Latin America

    A preliminary assessment in the Piracicaba River basin (Filoso et al., 2003, Biogeochemistry 65: 275-294) has been performed.

    Although limited in area, the assessment illustrated important aspects concerning data availability and data acquisition. The methodology used in this study can be extended to other regions of Latin America as interest and funding becomes available.