East Asian Nitrogen Center




Dr. Zucong Cai  
State Key Laboratory of Soil and 
Sustainable Agriculture 
Institute of Soil Science 
Chinese Academy of Sciences 
71 Beijing East Road 
Nanjing, 21008, P. R. China 

Completed Activities

  • Third International Nitrogen Conference

    The Third International Nitrogen Conference was held in Nanjing, China on 12-16 October, 2004, attracting more than 400 experts from some forty countries across the world. The theme of the five-day meeting was to explore a balanced and flexible strategy to increase food and energy production while decreasing detrimental effects on the environment.

    The conference was sponsored by the CAS and jointly hosted by Soil Science Society of China (SSSC), the CAS Institute of Soil Science (ISSAS), and the State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture, China. The Third International Nitrogen Conference provided an opportunity to facilitate the dialogue amongst different research fields and the policy-makers in an interdisciplinary setting.

    As one important outcome of the conference, Nanjing Declaration on Nitrogen management was signed by co-chairs of the conference organizers and head of INI.

  • Sino-Japan Workshop on Major Nutrients Cycling in Agroecosystems and Environmental impact

    The workshop was held in Nanjing on 16-17 October, 2004, immediately after the third international nitrogen conference, sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). The workshop attracted 43 participants from institutes, universities, and companies of Japan (23) and China (20) and more than 20 graduate students in the ISSCAS.

    The themes of the workshop were to exchange the innovative knowledge on nitrogen as well as phosphorus cycles in agroecosystems in China and Japan, summarize the research achievements obtained from the ISSCAS and JICAS joint project on major nutrient cycling in agroecosystems, and to discuss the issues on the cooperation among Asian scientists for to assess reactive nitrogen cycles and its environmental impact.

    The participants of the workshop realized that it was a big challenge for assessing reactive nitrogen cycles and its environmental impact in Asia due to the shortage of basic information and researches and existing cooperation in Asia.

  • Preliminary assessment of reactive nitrogen cycles in Asia

    A preliminary assessment of reactive nitrogen cycles in Asia was made by Prof. Zhaoling Zhu using the statistic data from FAO etc and IPCC Guidelines and was presented to the third international nitrogen conference.