African Nitrogen Center

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Prof. Mateete Bekunda, FUNAS
Deputy Vice Chancellor
Kampala International University, Nairobi Centre
P.O. Box 34771,
Nairobi, Kenya


Completed Activities

  • African Crop Science Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, 12-17 October 2003

    Mateete Bekunda and Keith Syers, Naresuan University, Thailand made two presentations the conference (Syers et al., 2003; Galloway et al., 2003) and convened an open discussion on the "INI in Africa - Needs, Opportunities, and Approaches to Establishing a Regional Center in Africa"

  • NFRAP (Nitrogen Fertilizer Rapid Assessment Project) workshop in Kampala, Uganda, January 12-16, 2004

    While hosting the workshop, Prof. Bekunda organized a one day symposium on Nitrogen Issues in Africa, and an open discussion on Approaches to Establishing the INI-African Regional Center

  • African Preliminary Assessment Activity

    Prof. Bekunda, with support from Dr Mary Scholes, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa (Assessments Coordinator of INI), initiated the African Preliminary Assessment Activity.